Leadership Also Valuable Outside of Work

I write frequently about leading. I love seeing leadership in action.

Not everyone on our team has a formal leadership position with the company. So, it would be easy to check out on these notes about leadership. You could easily think “that’s not for me.”

Rest assured that I intend that notes on leadership are for everybody.

There aren’t enough leaders in the world. Everywhere I look, the world is crying for leaders.

Families need leaders. Children need parents or siblings that help them learn the importance of showing up on time, working their hardest and becoming better today. Family leaders engage other family members by challenging them, praising them, holding them accountable, keeping them safe.

Neighborhoods need leaders. We need leadership to keep our schools clean and safe. We need leaders to be “big brothers” and “big sisters” to those who don’t have the right family lives. We need Sunday school teachers, coaches, tutors. You name it.

Someone needs to step up when the PTA needs a chairman for the school cleanup or the Little League reconditions the field.

You work hard here. I know it. But, for many of you, the action really starts when you hit the door at home.

If you learn about leadership at work and put it to use when you leave work, good things happen.

By honing your leadership and teamwork skills in the community, you can contribute at a higher level at work.

That’s what you call a “win-win.”