Leadership Skills that Contribute to Employee Engagement

I read a blog by Victor Lipman regarding employee engagement.

He said that only 29% of America’s workers described themselves as “engaged” at work. The single major reason workers report disengagement is because of their bosses.

Lipman says he thinks good bosses possess five key skills:

  1. They listen well.
  2. They “get it” which means they are perceptive. They have a clue. They can get to the bottom of a problem. They are in tune with the team.
  3. They are open communicators. Teammates feel good about approaching them. They receive feedback well. They tell the truth.
  4. They are calm. Low on drama. Not phased easily.
  5. They genuinely care about people.

If you have charge of a team in our organization, I hope you will consider this list and ask yourself: “What’s it like to work for me?”

It doesn’t cost the company or you a nickel to pick up these skills. Your life improves if you do them because engaged people stay and bring others. Engaged people are invested in the company and want us to do well. Engaged people make the extra effort. Engaged people do quality work and don’t need to be double checked. Engaged people are happy and give you the benefit of their minds as well as their hearts.

Some of you aren’t supervisors. But, these characteristics apply to being a good spouse, parent, little league coach and teammate. Learn them. Use them. You’ll see the impact immediately.