Leadership=Potential x Motivation x Development.

I enjoyed reading a book called the Captain’s Class. As the book wound down, the author  Sam Walker shared an equation describing leadership.

Leadership=Potential x Motivation x Development.

The equation was developed by an Israeli general named Reuven Gal. He had studied those who had demonstrated heroism and leadership. He determined this equation set leaders apart.

Potential. Some of us have more potential to lead than others. While it gives credence to the idea that leaders are born, not made, Gal was quick to dispute it. Having potential isn’t enough. You have to put it to work. Which brings us to the second part.

Motivation. On its face, being the leader appears desirable. But, it’s more responsibility requiring more accountability. While leadership is needed all the time. While all of us can lead when the situation is right. Many choose not to do so. Effective leaders, Gal noted, didn’t just happen. Those who were effective wanted to lead. They were motivated.

Development was the third factor. The effective leader studies his impact and makes adjustments all the way. The effective leader knows when to turn up urgency or to sit quietly and listen. The effective leader believes there is more to learn and constantly evaluates.

It’s all three. Being motivated to use your raw, God given ability and effectively honing it into a leader’s style that works.

Leadership=Potential x Motivation x Development.