Lean Gives a Sense of Purpose

I was comparing notes with New London manager Dan Krznarich. We were talking about our teams. Our sports teams.

He’s excited about the Milwaukee Brewers. I’m pulling for the Tampa Bay Rays. Both teams are in the pennant race in Major League Baseball.

For those who don’t follow baseball, they made a change this year. They created one more playoff spot for the championship. The effect is that more teams have a chance to make the World Series later in the season.

Dan remarked: “It makes a difference when your team is still in it.”

It does make a difference! When your team is in it, you can’t wait until the game. Your attention is focused. Your juices are flowing. It feels great as a fan. Even better as a player.

That’s one of the benefits of lean. It invites us to look at what we do. It challenges us to reach a higher level. It may not have the exact effect as playing in a game or watching a favorite team compete, but it provides a spark. It inspires creative juices. It gives a sense of purpose.

Doing work while you are trying to achieve something makes all the difference in the world.