Lean Success Requires Maintenance

“The road to success is always under construction.” – Lily Tomlin

I chuckled when I read Tomlin’s statement. It’s true.

Success is often cutting new paths where you haven’t traveled before. Thus, you’re clearing brush and moving rocks as you find a new way to the targeted spot.

Once the road is built, lots of folks find themselves on the road. It gets worn out. Potholes develop. Sinkholes come along. What was once smooth now needs reengineering. A successful road left to its own will become impossible to traverse.

Road building and maintenance are good illustrations about why thinking “lean” is important to us.

“Lean” can call you to new directions, making new paths necessary. But, established roads also need to be inspected and maintained.

The work of success is never done. That’s why we endeavor to be “lean” thinking and acting