Lessons Learned From A Father Remembered

My dad passed away over 30 years ago…

When I was a kid, he made proclamations.

He insisted that I respect my mother.

We have the same name. He insisted that I insist people call me by my name.

Howe, not Howie. He thought being called Howie was an offense that bordered on “fighting words.”

He didn’t like squash, so I didn’t like squash either. My wife ultimately changed my mind about that.

Reflecting now, it’s amazing how a father’s proclamations have a way of sticking.

Here’s another. He always said I was going to college. He didn’t go, but he insisted that my brother, sisters and I would go. And, thus, it happened.

I heard a speech recently about education. It turns out the numbers of people not graduating from high school is higher than its been in over 60 years.

Many of our employees are “dads”. My thought today is to ask you what kind of proclamations are you making for your kids?

Do they include thoughts about education?

To create for your kids an ambition to achieve a high school diploma and beyond may be the greatest proclamation you could make.