Life Giving Words

Saw a tweet today from a writer named Lore Ferguson Wilbert. She was celebrating the daily opportunities we have to speak “life giving words” to others.

What are “life giving words?”

She recounted a saying she heard from a pastor.

Life giving words “cheer up” others. They bring a smile because of their good nature. They cause people to shift their attitude. A sense of humor brings cheer.

Life giving words “build up” others. These are words of encouragement inspiring one to keep trying. These are words of acknowledgment which communicate appreciation for a job well done. Complimentary words build up.

Life giving words “stir up” others. These are words of challenge to try something new or better. These are words of accountability which point to a higher standard. These are inspiring words that move your heart and soul.

Who have you spoken “life giving” words to today? Hope you aren’t missing the opportunity to make a difference in your world.