Make Today Count

“The good old days are happening now.” Clare Booth Luce

It’s common for folks to reflect on the past and to conclude that things aren’t as good now as they were then. Economies are weaker. Values are deteriorating. Politics are fruitless. We work ourselves into a frenzy about what used to be and long for it again.

The quote above by early 20th century publisher Clare Booth Luce reminds us that we are guilty of convenient memories. To choose to focus on how the past was better than the present is at best ill-advised if not dishonest.

An accurate assessment of life points to the reality that every day has it’s challenges and tensions. Conversely, along with challenges and tensions, comes incredible opportunities for blessing.

Luce’s reminder that we are in the midst today of something we may remember as the “good old days” later reminds us to focus on today.

Whatever has gone before us has had an impact. But what is important now is what we do to make today count.

Don’t get stuck because you long for the past. Make some new memories today.