Make Your Own News

“If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own.” – News reporter Scoop Nisker

My goal is to have a team of people who happen to the world. The advice by Nisker to make your own news may capture that sentiment as well as I’ve seen.

It attacks cynicism. It is easy and common for us to opine on the daily events. Most of those opinions aren’t favorable.

I read Nisker’s quote to say: “Hey, get off the couch. Go do something that stands out. Make something happen.”

My wife Jenny made the paper a couple of years ago. She has cooked and served the local high school softball team pre-game meals since 1996. A local reporter thought that was an extravagant act of service and put her on the front page.

She didn’t do it to get credit and a picture on the front page. She did it out of love and support for a good program.

Making news can come in many ways:

Setting records makes news.

Inspiring accomplishments make news.

Extraordinary acts of service make news.

Creations make news.

Courageous acts make news.

Selfless behavior makes news.

Nisker says, don’t be a critic. Be a force for good. Be a newsmaker. Happen to the world.