Making Changes in the New Year

This is the time of year that you resolve to make changes.

As you head into a new season, you want to make 2014 better. No one is saying: “I think it would be a good idea to let things slip a bit.”

I was at a facility that specializes in life change. The facilitator took note of my name: Howe.

He said that “HOW” is the underlying fundamentals behind life change.

“H” stands for honesty. Every change effort starts with honest, candid assessment. Meaningful change efforts are driven by necessity or opportunity for impact. Such change is significant. It usually is challenging. The cost of taking it on must be counted.

“O” is for openness. Change can mean new. It will mean different. It may mean some outside help or instruction. It may threaten intuitive actions and habits. Openness means you risk discomfort and uncertainty for the sake of breakthrough improvement.

“W” is for will. Will is determination to move to a new area. Will is persistence when progress is not a sustained growth curve but fits and spurts. Ups and downs. Good days and bad days.

Change efforts are best accomplished in teams. Individual wills can become fatigued. As one gets tired, the effort ends and another change falls away.

As you decide what changes you wish to embrace, get some help. It may be the deciding edge.

Happy New Year!