Mom’s Advice

Great championship college football game last night. Clemson scored with one second left in the game.

Clemson All-American quarterback Deshaun Watson led the way for the Tigers. During the pre-game broadcast, there was an story about Watson and his inspiring mother who is a cancer survivor.

Watson is a class leader and athlete. He was asked what his mother’s advice was for the championship game.

She said three things:

“No regrets.” Makes sense. When you’re on the big stage, you don’t want to finish the game saying I wish I could have or should have.

“Have fun”. Makes sense. Many wanted the opportunity. When you have the chance, it would be a shame to let fear or nerves to crowd out the joy.

“Lead your team” Makes sense. When you’re called to lead, you don’t shirk the calling. It would be wasting your gift.

Looked like he followed his Mom’s advice. Good son. Great quarterback. Champion.