Nicklaus’s Version of “Happening to the World”

Jack Nicklaus believes in “happening to the world.”

The Masters, one of the premier golf tournaments in the world, is played this week. Jack Nicklaus, thought by many to be the best who ever played golf, was interviewed by journalist Charlie Rose.

Nicklaus was asked what his competitive strategy was: “I play the course and I play ‘me.’ I can’t control what other players do. I can only play the course.”

“So, I have to consider the course. Be smart on how I attack it. Use my strengths to full advantage. Minimize the impact of my weaknesses.”

“I have found that when I stayed within myself and kept that approach, I was usually happy with the results.”

Stay within yourself. Work with what you have. Compete on the playing field as it is laid before you.

That’s happening to the world.