Our Decisions Define us

Stephen Covey wrote the classic “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. If you haven’t read it, I recommend it.

I read his quote on Twitter: “We are not the product of our circumstances. We are the product of our decisions.”

Circumstances come at us. Weather. Economy. Poverty. Sickness. Health. Wealth. Parents. No parents. Death. Taxes. You name it. A lot happens that we don’t control.

But, we do control the decisions we make given those circumstances.

 We decide what we do next.

We decide whether we get up.

 We decide whether we spend or save.

 We decide what we eat and drink. We decide our exercise plan.

 We decide how we fulfill our responsibility as a significant other or a parent.

 We decide if we learn or stand pat.

 We decide our attitude.

 Get my point? No matter what the circumstances, we have many decisions to make on how we will be affected. PalletOne leaders “happen to the world” by making decisions to move ahead.