I’m touring Paris, France this week. I don’t speak French, but there always seems to be somebody around who speaks English, so I’m getting by.

Today I went on a tour of a French market and French food purveyors. Our guide, Wendy, taught us about meats, cheeses, bread, and produce.

She told us about reading the signs on the door to interpret quality.

She noted some stores have plain names: butcher, baker, and cheesemaker, for example.

But the really good ones? They put their names on the sign.

Now, it’s not practical for us to sign our work. But it still raises the question: Would you sign your work if you could?

  • Is it the quality your customer expects?
  • Would they remark on its consistency in size?
  • How about the craftsmanship? Accurately measured? Well-packaged? Safe for use?
  • On time, no waiting?

You get my point. Our guide said those with their names on the sign are better than the rest. They have passion for their craft. They last when others fail.

Are you doing work you’d put your name on? It’s something to consider.