PalletOne Leaders happen to the world

PalletOne leaders happen to the world. They prefer not to have to be in a “reactive” mode.

Here are four strategies those who happen to the world adopt.

  1. They are decisive. They recognize how deciding versus procrastinating creates momentum. They have confidence that the decisions and acting on it teach the next best step.
  2. They are adaptable. They recognize that change is constant. They bounce with change and stay active in the game. They don’t waste energy on woulda, shoulda, coulda. They adapt and move ahead.
  3. They engage others. They realize that they can contribute. They don’t hold back from suggesting, helping, encouraging, supporting and/or leading. They control the emotional response to adversity.
  4. They deliver. You count on them to do their job. They make progress. They are tireless in pursuit of team goals.

Want to “happen to the world?” Decide. Adapt. Engage. Produce.