Partnership and Communication Important to Change Efforts

Vanderbilt University hired a new football coach, Derek Mason, who was recently an assistant at Stanford University. Here’s what he said: “SEC East title, here we come. You’ve got to talk about it to make it happen.”

Vanderbilt has never won the SEC (Southeastern Conference) East title. Never even come close. It is a small private school and has been dominated by the larger state schools of Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina.

But, in recent years, they have gotten a bit better. The former coach has moved on to a better job and the new coach is coming in. He’s speaking of greater achievements.

What is it that you want to accomplish that you aren’t talking about? Is there a goal you are keeping to yourself? Is there a project you wish to undertake?

I was listening to a speaker about life change this week and she said you are five times more likely to make positive changes and to get better results in a change effort if you partner with one or more people in taking it on.

Turns out that keeping a change effort private takes a toll. At some point, you get fatigued. And, when you get fatigued, it is easier to abandon the effort if you aren’t aligned with others helping you get there.

Thus, Mason’s statement resonates with me: “Talk about it to make it happen.” What change are you working to achieve? Who is your partner in achieving it?