Patience a Virtue Worth Cultivating

“Patience isn’t naive. It doesn’t ignore misbehavior. It waits. It listens. It’s slow to boil.” – Max Lucado

Patience is a virtue worth cultivating. So often, we respond to frustrating things with impatient words and actions. Impatience frequently causes us to move to premature solutions or half-baked plans. Or maybe it causes you to quit too soon.

Patience allows for many things:

More options as you stop to consider.

More learning as you try on different methods.

Better relations as you demonstrate calm and practice listening as better solutions are derived.

Stronger results as one sees capacity for patience develop and put into practice.

Patience doesn’t say “accept substandard work or slower action.”

But patience calls for “walking in the other’s shoes” and “seeing from the other’s side.”