Picking Up a Load and Carrying It Well

Listening to former President Bill Clinton talking about the greatness of America:

“It doesn’t really matter what race you are or what religion you are. Or where you come from. In America, if you can carry the load you pick up, you have a chance.”

Can you carry what you pick up? That’s a great question.

It’s not what you are given. It’s not what you are allowed. It’s not what you are entitled to.

It’s more about picking up an education. It’s about picking up responsibility. It’s about taking on challenges. Doing things that others won’t do because it’s hard.

The image of people choosing what they want to carry and carrying it is American to the core.

What have you picked up? Are you carrying it well? Is it a load that matches your strength and capability? Are you getting stronger and learning more so you can pick up some more?

Our opportunities aren’t walking through the door. We must go find them and put them on our backs.