Psychic Rewards

My pastor noted on Sunday that professional athletes often gain or lose their jobs based on whether they are “good in the locker room.”

In my experience, this goes one of two ways.  Some athletes who are talented get cut because they are “poison” to the team.  Other athletes, who may see age or injury diminish their skills, keep their job longer because of the intangible benefits they bring along.

Having grown up in athletic circles, I made it a goal to be “good in the locker room.”

How do you do it?

First, make improving the chemistry of the team a priority.

Readily share the benefit of your experience and knowledge.  As opportunities occur, be willing to lead someone to a better alternative or an improved perspective.

Model the right way to conduct your business.  “Pros” have developed good habits and practices.  The dedication to model excellence is noticed by teammates and inspires them to improve their own.

Second, be dedicated to raising the performance level of the team.

It’s all about improvement.  The seasoned “pro” does the right thing at the right time.

He encourages the frustrated.

He insists on accountability.

He is a courageous communicator.

Being “good in the locker room” is job security.  It makes work meaningful.  It offers psychic rewards.