Rallying together to help others!

Many years ago, Mr. Rogers was the host of a children’s show on PBS.  He had a quote one time that always makes the rounds during tragedies like we are seeing in Houston.

Mr. Rogers tells a story: “When I was young, and I would see something scary, my mother would say ‘Look for the helpers. In scary situations, there always helpers.'”

Sure enough, it’s the case in Texas. In the midst of the horrible, life changing flooding that’s occurring, there are people rallying for each other. The helpless are being helped by the capable.

Whether it’s typical of everyone we don’t know, but the folks on television seem practical, moving into one day at the time mode. Be safe today. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.

We are in the beginning stages of a new plant in Port Arthur, Texas. The storm has touched Port Arthur and may still yet. We’ve freed up our teammates to go to work for those in need there. We are capable. We will help.

I’ve been troubled in recent weeks about all the division. I don’t like that kind of conflict.

But, the more troubling issue for me, is the way the media magnifies the differences. The focus can cause the division to dominate our mindset.

I prefer to believe what I see most days. People of all types who shop, work, and play together.

No doubt, America has issues. But, the things that bind us are greater than those that separate us. Grateful for the neighbors helping each other in Texas reminding us what’s important. Praying that these days in the rain will soon clear.