Remain Humble and Hungry For Success

Here’s something I’ve noticed about this year’s NCAA basketball tournament:

There are teams with players you’ve never heard of and coaches you’ve never heard of who are wreaking havoc on more notable players and coaches.

Also,  the difference between those players and coaches you’ve heard of and those you haven’t heard of isn’t often discernible to the naked eye.

So, no matter your reputation and record, you can assume there is competition gunning for you. Though you may not have heard of the competition, they may be the next great thing.

You must always remember, your reputation and record doesn’t win you the next game. You still have to play the game in front of you.

To play each game a fresh, you must remain humble and hungry. It’s the character of a true champion.

We have the fortune of having a good record and a great reputation. Let’s don’t rest on it.

We profit from our experiences and our team assembled. But, we lose when we become complacent. We lose if we become arrogant. We lose if we imagine our reputation is enough.