Replace Bad Habits With Good

Researchers say that 40% of what the average person does is habitual or routine. Do you suppose that is true of you?

Performing routines habitually can be good or bad. The bad side is if your habits aren’t healthy or constructive.

I got a bunch of those. Don’t control my reaction to available snacks. Watch too much television from my favorite chair. Look at my phone too much.  None of those habits contribute to a better “me”.

The recommendation is to replace bad habits with good ones. And, this is where a rigorous habit routine works.

When your regimen of good habits is extensive, your brain takes over and you consistently do things for your “good” that doesn’t require your concentration.

Thus, you are able to concentrate on learning, solving issues, creativity, and performance.

I watched the elite golf tournament called the Master’s yesterday. Every golfer seemed to have a routine they followed. Each time before a shot, they took a stance, gripped the club, and established an objective.

Some find it difficult to maintain the routine. That’s when the fatigue of pressure settles in. That’s when the bad shots come.

The mentally tough are fortified by their routines. They don’t waste their effort thinking about how to get ready for a shot. They’ve already done the work by establishing the routine.

We are the sum of our habits. Good habits allow us to put our concentration where it counts.