Run Towards Expectation

“Run towards expectation, run towards pressure, and you have a better chance at success.” – Joe Maddon, manager of the Chicago Cubs.

Most of us start the work day hoping it will be easy. It’s human nature.

If you’re fortunate, problems won’t find you. Another day. Another dollar.

Maddon suggests there is a better way.

He points us to expectation and pressure. He reminds us that high expectations create accountability. When you expect great things of yourself, you work harder and engage your head, heart, and soul.

When others have high expectations, you are driven to perform and deliver.

Pressure is created when things have to be fixed, or solutions must be invented. While living in a pressure cooker can be physically demanding and should be avoided, the presence of pressure shouldn’t discourage you.

Pressure creates an opportunity to show your stuff. Pressure inspires you to discover capabilities that you don’t know you have. Pressure causes teams to form and to perform.

So, every once in awhile you can hope for an easy day.

But, success comes to those of us willing to develop high expectations and to “happen to the world” when pressure arises.