Season three has been featured three sessions describing the way football coach Nick Saban runs the University of Alabama football program.

It features a few coaches, players and sportscasters describing insights into the success the program has experienced.

I think this is really good if you are a sports fan and will offer insights into how to lead things if you aren’t a sports fan.  I recommend it.

Here’s a nugget from the broadcast.  ESPN sportscaster Tom Rinaldi states he always learns from watching and interviewing Saban.  He described Saban’s description of discipline.  He said discipline isn’t punishment.  Discipline is finding ways to motivate people to do the things they need to do to get where they want to get.

Then he gave an illustration of self-discipline:

In your left hand, there are things you want to do but aren’t good for you.

In your right hand, there are things you don’t want to do, that you need to do.

Can you decide not to do the things that aren’t good for you?

Can you decide to do the things that are good for you, that you don’t want to do?

I heard that illustration and have found myself asking myself those questions?

Do you want to cut this workout short?

Do you want to ignore the alarm clock in the morning?

Do you want to eat that doughnut?

The choices come fast and come often.  Left hand and right hand.  What do you choose?

I’d be interested if you listened to the podcast and got anything out of it.