One way to think about a product you sell is to answer the question: “What job was that product hired to do?”

The treated wood was hired to be used in an outdoor (exposed to the elements) construction.  It holds up through a history of weather and the attack of insects.  It doesn’t rot or require replacement.  It’s safe for all that count on it to bear weight.  We package it to ease identification when the customer looks for it and checks out of the store with it so that it requires less personal touch at the point of sale.

Pallets are designed to bear the weight of the load they carry.  It’s free from things that can damage its load, like exposed nails.  It’s free from things that could damage those working around it, like broken boards.  When required, it is marked to show who is shipping the goods on the pallet.  It’s designed in such a manner as to expedite the shipment of the goods from production to use.

As the creators of these products, we are always doing things that make someone’s life easier or better.  Treated wood isn’t just wood.  Pallets aren’t just pallets.  Someone’s hiring the wood and the pallets to do a job.  Our job is to make sure they aren’t disappointed.