Seven Elements of Professionalism

Seven Elements of Professionalism

As provided by author Tim Miles in his book Good Company:

  1. Appearance.

People pay attention to the environments and the image you project.

  1. Attentiveness

Eye contact. Presence. They matter. Don’t answer the ringing phone when engaged with someone in front of you.

  1. Dependability.

Do what you said you would do. Be early. Know what’s expected and fulfill it.

  1. Consistency.

Strive for it. Miles says it’s being dependably dependable. Dependability is created by systems and processes habitually performed.

  1. Focus

In these days of attention deficit and distraction, focus is a rare commodity. Developing the ability to concentrate will set you apart.

  1. Proactivity

When you see ways to make things better or set things right, do them. No waiting. No excuses. Proactive people push the status quo. They “happen to the world.”

  1. Simplification.

Make it easy to understand. Be so competent, that you teach it easily. Pros make it look easy. They cause others to do it with ease.