“Show up in every single moment like you are meant to be there.”

This statement of “intention” caught my eye. It’s a “happening to the world” kind of thought.

If you believe you are meant to be someplace, you believe that you are there to make a difference.

Much of the time, we show up fully aware of our “why.” We have a job to do. Teammates count on us. Our performance makes a difference.

But, other times, we have to search a bit. There is no job description at the door. No obvious mission. But yet, there may be a difference to be made.

What I read in the quote is this: when you encounter a situation where why you are meant to be there isn’t obvious, don’t check out. Lock in.

Look for the leader with a worthy goal. Follow her and give her support.

Look for the lonely soul. Engage them. Instill some hope.

Find the one who needs some help. Share your treasure and talents.

If you are “meant” to be there, you have a role. Step into it.