Something New, Something Different

John Kelly is the new Chief of Staff for President Trump. Kelly has had a successful military career and is known for his organizational ability and decisive leadership. Many are hopeful he will alter the direction of President Trump’s administration

Here’s what appeared about General Kelly’s leadership:

Leading up: ask three questions?

What does boss need?

What does team need?

What can I do to serve boss & team?

What does the boss need?  Being a boss, I’ve learned that you often understand what I need before I understand it.

There’s an awkward moment. You think that certainly, I see it. But I don’t act like I do. Because nothing is happening to address it.

Here’s a pretty good rule of thumb: if the boss doesn’t address an important issue, assume he doesn’t see it. Tell her.

What does the team need? Teams move toward routine and normal. They are comfortable with the routine. Most teams will tolerate diminished performance to protect the routine.

Great teams and great players understand that complacency of the routine is a losing proposition. Teams also need something new, something different. Be the one who asks the question. What do we need?

What can I do about it? With the boss and the team?

Take an inventory. When is the last time you helped the boss?  When’s the last time you jolted the team?

If you can’t recall, it may be time to step up.

You know things that the boss needs.

You see things that the team needs.

You have the ability to move us forward.