I was visiting with a colleague recently who was telling me about some consulting work that he had been doing.  He had come across a firm that studies how ideas are developed and used within an organization.  One thing he shared that I have found to be true: The best ideas have nothing to do with the role or position in the group.

When we encounter a problem or an opportunity in the organization, we have a vast array of experience that can help us get to the best solution.  But so often, the people with the best possible solutions may not speak, because they don’t think it is their place or responsibility.  Therefore, the people with the position of power will feel compelled to do something, even if it is wrong.

It is misguided to think that the formal leader (like me) will have the best idea. Most of you have forgotten more about the machinery that you use daily than I will ever know. Why should I be trusted when machines are being discussed?

Therefore, if I am the leader, it is my job to find the best idea, not have the best idea.

So, no matter who you are – speak up when you have a good idea or a good solution.

If you are the leader, make sure that everyone is heard.  It may just get us to a better place.