Start Fresh Every Day

You only win a championship by getting better today,” Jim McElwain, Gator football coach.

McElwain is a new coach and he’s making the rounds in Florida to get to know his fans and vice versa.

His statement is simple and true. It is difficult to win a championship.

Most teams don’t, because they don’t fulfill the target of getting better every day as well as the competition.

Further, many teams don’t repeat championships because they don’t maintain the pace of seeking excellence every day. They win. Become complacent.

Believe that repeating will require only for them to show up rather than strive.

The truth of the matter is this: getting better every day is easy to say and extremely hard to do. It takes extraordinary commitment, extraordinary desire and extraordinary will. Most of us fall short.

So, the challenge is to start fresh every day. You have to get out of bed and make a conscious choice: today I will work to get better.

And, that choice has to be filled with intention: I will get better by doing these things.

The doing can include so many alternatives. Working on a skill. Creating endurance for a longer period. Training others. Learning from others.

Huddling with others. Completing ambitious commitments to your customer. You name it.

It will be rare that you get better by chance.

To be sure, there will be days where a desire to get better is not fulfilled. The goal is to avoid having a lengthy losing streak when it comes to the daily challenge of getting better.

Be confident in this: you can change the momentum of improvement tomorrow.

You don’t have to have day after day of losing ground. Develop the habit of choosing the pursuit of getting better. Create winning streaks of good days.

Your range of ability will grow. Your accomplishments will compound.

It isn’t easy. But it’s possible. It works.