Success Is Hard

Jess Henderson, from our Selma team, sent this to me. I wanted to share it with you.  It’s a blog post from Darren Hardy, a best selling author and publisher.

Let me quote it:

“Success is hard.
Be thankful.

Difficulty is the high fence that keeps out the weak, wannabes and pretenders.
Which means more for the rest of us (achievers).

I love it when things are hard.
I can do hard, and I know most won’t.

The harder it is, the easier it is to win.
Winning is much harder when the difficulty level is low and lots of people can do it.

If everyone could do it, success would be harder.
Since most won’t do the hard stuff, success is rather easy.

Whenever you hit a wall of difficulty, smile and say a prayer of gratitude.
Because with each wall you climb over, you leave behind your competition.

Realize every wall is another fence that thins the herd. 
The more walls of difficulty, the fewer that can hang with you and the more success you’ll enjoy.”

What you do isn’t easy. You fight the elements. You strain the muscles. You deal with decreasing lead times. You stretch to meet customer emergencies. You respond to emerging opportunities.

Your efforts are an inspiration. One of my jobs is to describe to others-customers, vendors, lenders, neighbors-what makes us different, what sets us apart.

I am grateful for the great material you provide me on a daily business. You do harder things routinely. Don’t think it’s taken for granted. You are part of a special team.