Successful Team Leaders Practice Their “Game” Daily

For over 30 years, I’ve been part of a leadership development community called LeaderShape. Through that association, I’ve developed a good number of friendships and acquaintances. One of them is Laura Osteen.

Laura works with students at Florida State. This past weekend, she was honored and selected as “honorary coach” for the Seminoles’ homecoming game. Through it, she was able to observe the elite athletes and coaches up close. She also was moved by the impact the Missouri football team had on its campus by taking a stand on racial issues on campus. A stand that the team’s coach supported. She reflected upon her experience on Facebook.

“What if leaders practiced as intentionally, consistently, and simply as hard as athletes do for each next game? What if we recognized that experience and expertise in a field actually lead to better performance in that field? What if we honored – and accepted as fact – that every single member of our team made a difference in our literal and figurative win-loss record? What if we all claimed our power, used our voice, and made brave choices for issues we cared about? What if someone in authority always supported that choice?”

Leaders aren’t born, they are made.

They become effective by working on their “game” every day. Many days of intentional effort on the leadership craft yields leaders.

Our teams take excellent efforts from every teammate. There are no such things as insignificant jobs.

Bravery requires courage. You can be brave and courageous when leaders have your back.

We are striving to be a place where “leaders who happen to the world” are developed and prosper.