Super Bowl Trivia

Here’s some Super Bowl trivia for you.

The Baltimore Ravens’ iconic player Ray Lewis was born two blocks from PalletOne headquarters in Bartow, FL. He played high school ball in nearby Lakeland.

I’m impressed with the storyline of the Harbaugh brothers. Jim is head coach of the San Francisco club. John coaches the Ravens. First time brothers have matched up in a Super Bowl as coaches.

The theme of coaching in their family extends to their sister Joanie. She is married to Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean. Indiana is #3 in the nation. They happen to be facing off with #1 Michigan on Saturday night to see which college basketball team should be seen as best.

The Harbaugh’s parents are in the spotlight. Dad Jack was a very successful coach in his own right. Mother Jackie is said to be the real boss of the family as she raised three achievement-oriented kids while her husband maintained the intense work life of a college coach.

The question has been asked of the parents: What’s the key? How did you do it?

Jack Harbaugh says this:

“We always started the day this way,” he says in a voice with rising volume. “Attack this day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. And, when this day is done, do it again tomorrow. It’s a process that turns into a great journey.”