Taking Risks Can Be Rewarding

Quincy Jones is one of the greatest music producers of all time.

He helped musical talent ranging from Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra reach their potential as singers.  The more success he achieved by helping others, the more he was sought out to work with fresh talent.

I heard him being interviewed lately.  He was asked to state some of the beliefs he had.  Here’s one he offered:

“I’d rather say I’m sorry than I wish I had.”

He didn’t elaborate much, but it sounded like an encouragement to take risks.

A guy like Quincy Jones could have been labeled as one kind of producer.

Because he took risks, his skills as a leader, coach, mentor were honed and tested.  He was able to take a variety of paths, have a variety of experiences.  The more he stepped out of his comfort zone, the more he got to experience things many would have thought impossible.

Trying on new things, going places you haven’t been, reading stuff you haven’t sampled before, trying on new responsibilities-there are many things which we can try if we are more bold.