The Best Teams Defend Well

I’m a basketball fan. As the season winds down, I’m spending some time watching teams play so that I will have a clue when selecting the bracket for our company March Madness competition.

The best teams defend well. They make it hard to score.

The best defenders do it as a coordinated team as compared to five individuals. They coordinate attacks on the ball. They swarm when the ball is loose on the floor. They are as engaged when stopping a score as they are when trying to score.

Everyone likes trying to score. Many don’t derive the same pleasure from stopping a score.

The other thing great defenders do is talk to each other. They encourage. They warn. They have each other’s back. They yell for help. They point out areas of vulnerability. They discuss strategy during breaks in the game.

I’ve noticed the same characteristic in safe plants. The language of safety is on everyone’s lips. They point out hazards. They report risks. They remind or rebuke others when risky behavior occurs. It’s a constant conversation.

Being safe is like playing good defense in basketball. It isn’t glamorous. But, the basketball player who doesn’t hold up his end on defense exposes his team to losing.

That’s the same with a colleague who falls short on the safety front.