“Talent is never enough. With few exceptions, the best players are the hardest workers.” – Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr.

I spent most of my youth getting by on talent.  I was big for my age.  It helped me athletically.  I could read and do the math, and that helped me get by in school, to a point.

If I was any good at anything, it wasn’t because I worked at it, it was because I had a natural gift and I put in the time to enjoy that gift.  Thus, I got better at some things.

What I learned is that you can only ride talent so far.  At some point, I noticed that hard workers with less talent got better results than I did.  People with similar talents were lapping me.

So, I regret the time I could have been working and didn’t.  I suspect if you fall into the group that has tried to ease through, you’ll regret it too.

The only one who knows if you are working as hard as you can, is you!

Candidly, it’s okay if you don’t want to work hard.  It’s a choice.

But the truth I want you to get is what Earvin Johnson says. “The best work hard.”  If the best is your goal, you must choose hard work.  No options.