The Four Steps of Transformation

Transformation is change in such a dramatic fashion that you can hardly recognize the new person or situation from the person or situation that existed before.

Have you participated in a transformation before? While a good situation can transform to a bad one, we usually associate transformation with changes which go from bad to great.

I’ve been listening to a series from Rick Warren on transformation. He says that transformation comes in four steps:

  • Fed up – There becomes a situation which is intolerable. It doesn’t usually happen overnight. It often comes with a “wakeup call.” A day comes when the pain is greater than the toleration process. Being fed up evokes a plan to change.
  • Own up – The person or team acknowledges that they aren’t victims of the intolerable situation but likely have a role in it. They know that the situation won’t be transformed without change on their part.
  • Check up – They assess present practices with an eye for change. If transformation is necessary, the present strategy and practices haven’t worked. A new approach must be determined. New methods must be learned. New skills acquired.
  • Offer up – A personal commitment to persist and to try must be present. Transformation comes from whole-hearted people. They try new things. They believe in the process. They take setbacks with calm and move ahead with courage. They have belief the process is leading them to a better situation and embrace it.

Transformation isn’t easy but it’s the most meaningful work you will ever encounter. Is there transformation needed in your life?