The Golden Rule: Why It Works

In my Bible reading this morning: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

It’s famously known as the Golden Rule. I bet if I asked you to recite it, you could.

As I read and meditated on that familiar passage, it occurred to me that the Golden Rule is like so many truths. We know them, but we don’t necessarily do them.

The Golden Rule works. It calls us to humility, because it teaches that our own ideas and thoughts aren’t superior to others.

It calls us to generosity, because it says we should share resources rather than horde them.

It causes us to service, because in order to treat our neighbors as ourselves, we have to take time to walk in their shoes. We have to try to see it their way. We have to try to feel as they feel.

Once we are filled with that knowledge, we are compelled to help in a different way.

We all navigate life inside our heads and behind our eyeballs. We are driven by our appetites.

The Golden Rule calls us to add the perspective of our neighbors, colleagues and friends to our own. To do it on purpose.

It broadens our thoughts. Causes better decisions. Improves the world where we travel.