The Human Capability Scale

Where do you fall on the human capability scale?

Psychologist Gary Hamel says there are six levels:

1. Obedient. Someone obedient does what he’s told. No more, no less.

2. Diligent. Someone diligent has enough capability to seek productivity. You can expect a diligent person to keep score and reach an acceptable performance level.

3. Expert. An expert is highly competent. Experts perform at better than average capacity. They have pride in their work.

4. Initiators. These are self directed experts. They do what is necessary and more. They take ownership when something out of the ordinary is required.

5. Creators. They are constantly seeking improvement. They experiment. Learn. Expand their role. Seek more scope.

6. Passionate. They have a special love for the team. In addition to seeking new and better ways to do things, they have an extraordinary interest in the enterprise of which they have a part. They have an ambition that the team will have a lasting impact and that its members would prosper in all regards as a result.

It’s an interesting scale to apply to your endeavors. There is a high quality of life and satisfaction for those who develop their capability around becoming creative and passionate.