“There’s no excuse for not hustling,” said Lou Gehrig. “You owe it to yourself and your team. Always hustle. It leads you to opportunity.”

Do you hustle? When you think of a hustler, who comes to mind?

  • Do you admire this person?
  • Does the hustler get things done?
  • Is the hustler a valued teammate?
  • Does the hustler waste motion?
  • Do you trust the hustler to deliver results?

For me, all the answers are yes. Hustlers inspire me. They cause me to strive harder. They push me to raise my standards. I love hustlers. I want to be known as one.

Gehrig, who was a Hall of Fame baseball player, reminds us that hustle isn’t talent. It’s attitude. It’s effort. It’s choice.

He reminds us that everyone can choose hustle.

  • You choose hustle when you try new things.
  • You choose hustle when you act rather than procrastinate.
  • You choose hustle when you help.
  • You choose hustle when your effort is consistent.

Gehrig mastered the art and the science of hustle. He didn’t drift into hustle every day. He made it a habit.