The Joy of Blessings

This Christmas my sense of blessing is a bit sharper.

I’m on a great team, surrounded by good people who try hard, produce good work and make a difference. I am grateful to you. Each one.

I’m more conscious of the opportunity I have each day to make a difference.

We have resources in our hands waiting to be converted into goods which make a difference. We have people within our reach who can benefit from our encouragement, learn from our teaching, strengthened with a helping hand.

To waste those opportunities is to deny yourself from a special joy reserved only for you. It’s a joy that radiates. I desire to experience more than ever.

I cherish opportunities to be husband, dad, son, brother, uncle, nephew and cousin. Those opportunities arise more often for some of us during this season. Each bring with them memories. Some of them hard. But, so many good ones as well. This season I’ll be certain to tell them they make a difference to me. I’ll be looking for opportunities to make a difference to them as well. Even if it’s a small one, a difference nonetheless.

And, then there are friends. Friends volunteer. There’s not a paycheck that compels their attention. There’s no blood that compels their love. It is a sacred privilege to be someone’s friend. It’s a treasure to experience friendship expressed.

Luke 12:48 says “To whom much is given, much will be required.”

For me, this season is about being conscious of my blessings and to resolve to make sure I find a way to be a blessing to others. Every day.

Merry Christmas! May you experience fully the joy of blessing that comes from our families, friends and colleagues. This season. Every day.