Have you seen the shoe on the internet that people see differently?  Some see it as pink?  Others see it as teal green?

I was in a room the other day that we passed the image around.  About half the group saw it one way and the other half saw it the other.  Some said they could see it both ways (I saw it as teal green).

Really strange.

The explanation for the difference is that people view the world using one side of the brain as compared to the other.

You use one side, you see pink.  You use the other, you see green.

Most of us “know” there is more than one way to see things.  But, we don’t act that way.

People seeing things different from us creates many bad feelings: anger, frustration, condemnation, contempt.  We call them stupid, blind and misguided.

We sometimes work hard to change someone’s mind without realizing what a challenge we are undertaking.  When we aren’t successful, we quit or withdraw.

This pink shoe/green shoe difference is not to take differences on a negative plane.  I should be aware that those differences exist and are natural.

When confronted with someone who is seeing my “green” situation in a “pink” way, a better way for me is to get a fuller description of the “pink” situation.  Probe.  Ask questions.  Seek to understand.  Imagine what the implications of my “green” situation being “pink” might be.

If I can remember to do that, possibilities open.  Potential grows, and my blood pressure won’t be as high.