The Theory of Self-Determination

I was reading about something that is called the Theory of Self-Determination. The content is this:

Everybody is seeking three things:

  1. To be competent
  2. To be authentic
  3. To be connected

Many of you recently filled out our annual engagement survey. If you consider the questions, the theory of self-determination makes sense.

We ask you if you get to do what you do best. We ask you if someone is concerned about your development. We ask you if you feel like you have had an opportunity to improve. If you say those things are happening, you are gaining in competence.

We ask you if you have received feedback. We ask you if your ideas matter. If you say those things are happening, you feel like you matter. You know your value at the company is authentic and appreciated.

We ask you if you think others are committed to good work. We ask if you have a friend at work. If you affirm those things, you feel connected to your work.

If you are on a team here, we want you to feel satisfied by the contribution you make. That’s competence.

We want you to feel like your skills and personality matters, and you can be yourself.  That’s authenticity.

We want you to look forward to seeing your colleagues and working with them to achieve success. That’s connection.