The Valued Virtues of Good Employees

The following is a list of characteristics that employers value when hiring and evaluating employees. They are in order of importance:

Have positive attitude


Work Ethic



Follow through

Work flexible hours


Respects authority

Dresses correctly

Interesting list isn’t it. It doesn’t say grades in school. It doesn’t say technical skill. It doesn’t say good looks or natural intelligence.

Employers place value on the list of characteristics, because finding people with them is really hard to do. Those characteristics are rarer and rarer.

Now, let’s look at the list again. After each one, let’s put the person who can help you most attain this characteristic. See if you agree.

Have positive attitude. You control your attitude

Reliable. You determine how reliable you are.

Work Ethic. You can learn what a good work ethic is and employ it.

Punctual. You can be on time, every time.

Friendly. You control whether you smile, speak politely and are fun to be around.

Follow through. You determine whether you fulfill your commitments consistently.

Work flexible hours. This is the first one that may be impacted by others.

Family and personal commitments can impact your flexibility.

Experience. Lack of experience can hold you back. You ought to be intent on gathering as much as you can.

Respects authority. You determine how you respond to bosses and rules.

Dresses correctly. You pick your clothes.

You get the point. Don’t get me wrong. Intelligence matters. Education carries inherent value. You come with rich experiences, it will have an impact.

But, many, many jobs come with this idea. Give me someone with those characteristics, we will teach them the job. And, we will win.

This is a good checklist. Take a look at the list. Do a gut check. If you fall short, address it. Begin a new habit. You will be better for it. So will we.