I was listening to pastor Rick Warren talk about growing spiritually.  He said those of us who are growing are doing these three things: “Get it. Got it. Give it!”

  • “Get it” is the learning stage.  We read books.  We ask questions.  We stay open to upping our game.  If we are improving in life, we are open and “getting” more to build upon.
  • “Got it” is the implementation stage.  It’s one thing to be exposed to new learning; it’s another thing to be something you “know” but don’t do.  You’ve got it when you take on the new thing and work on it until it becomes part of you.
  •  “Give it” is the learn by teaching stage.  We develop faster if teaching is part of our routine.  The more we take in, implement then share, the quicker we attain new heights.

There’s a speech I give every year to a class of graduate students at Southern Methodist University.  I give out a list of leadership principles that I’ve incorporated in my work history and have used in my career.

While the principles have remained constant, the stories and illustrations are more refined as I improve their implementation with new knowledge and experience.  And, I get better as I endeavor to teach it.

So, keep all three plates spinning.  Keep getting.  Work on converting your learning to practice that shows you got it.  Give it away by finding someone to teach.