Tips For Leadership Development

I mentioned yesterday I was asked to describe how I developed my leadership skill. As I reflect upon it, here are some ideas:

  1. I modeled what worked to motivate me. In short, I knew who I liked following. I tried to lead the same way.
  1. Learned about different personality types and what motivated them. I noticed that not everyone responded to my leadership in the same way. I became aware of the different approaches that worked for others. I sought to be more discerning in assessing those types and flexible in my approach.
  1. Studied leaders in all settings. I stole liberally from them. That led to a style that created comfort for me. Leaders don’t get rattled as much if they stay in their lane.
  1. Developed speaking and training skills which helped me to teach and to train better. If you are a good teacher and trainer, people follow you because it’s fruitful for them.
  1. Listen well. Seek first to understand. You can refine you’re leadership if you understand the issues at hand.
  1. Ask good questions rather than dump information. Focus on learning. It helps to grow.
  1. Be transparent. Communicate by sharing more-good, bad, indifferent.

Just some ideas. Hope they help you improve your leadership efforts.