Let me give you a behind the screen view of how these notes come about.

I read regularly.  My mom, an English teacher, cultivated a joy of reading when I was young.  I was a poor classroom student as a kid. More interested in sports and recess than the classroom.  But I loved reading.  It helped counter years of classroom neglect.  But if I could do it differently, I probably wouldn’t.

Being a reader for 60 years has served me better than being a good student in high school.

So, I read.  I’m looking for things that inspire, inform, engage, educate, support the way we do things, or maybe counter our approach that inspires a fresh look.

I copy those things into my phone.  I come back to them when it’s time for a note.  And I write them with my thumbs.

So there are errors from time to time.  That darn autocorrect feature will strike often.  I’ll leave out words too.  I think faster than my thumbs work.

You’ve been extremely generous in your support for these daily notes.  As someone who thrives with affirmation, your support for them fuels the effort to keep them coming.

So the lesson for today:  Read more.

I commend it as a habit that will change you for good.  My experience is that there are more of you who learned to dislike reading than those who learned to love it.

As an adult, you can change your ways. Read more.

As an adult, you can inspire kids to read.  Take the lead.