Editor’s note September 9, 2019

“Adversity is a test of your toughness, not your talent.” Tim Kight

Are you tough?  I’d like to think I’m tough enough.  But, could be tougher.  There’s no chance of passing through this life without facing adversity.

I’ve heard it said that toughness is a skill.  Skills are developed and refined through practice, and hardened by habit.

Thinking about toughness, I began a list:

  • Tough people do the hard things necessary to improve.  No matter what you take up, there will come a time when the next step is harder to take.  It will take more time and work, but tough people do it.
  • Tough people focus on what’s next.  They have their eyes forward.  They have learned that neither past accomplishments nor mistakes matter in the present.  They know they are only as good as they are now.
  • Tough people show up.  They’re where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there.  They don’t explain how hard it is to be there, they just show up.
  • Tough people have thick skin.  They are coachable.  They don’t shrink from candid feedback.  They learn from it.  They seek advice, criticism, and challenges.
  • Tough people play hard.  They have learned the impact of concentrated effort.  They have developed the stamina to play the whole game.
  • Tough people play when they’re hurt.  Conditions don’t have to be perfect.  Health not 100%.  No drama.  No complaint.  Just playing the best way they can.
  • Tough people get off the mat.  They bounce up from disappointment.  When they fall, they’re quick to gather themselves and get back up.
  • Tough people understand the power of inspiration.  They know their toughness inspires toughness in others.

That’s my list of tough.  What would you add?