Toxic person

“Toxic person”

I never thought much about how to define one but ran across this list by Anna Grace Taylor. Pretty good description.

  1. They spread negativity.
  2. They criticize you and others.
  3. They are jealous
  4. They continue to disappoint you.
  5. Everything is always dramatic.
  6. They play the victim.
  7. They are self-centered
  8. They aren’t interested in changing.

It would be easy to ask you to use this list and ask yourself if you are “toxic”. Unfortunately, to do this would take an ample ability in self-awareness. In my experience, self-awareness and toxicity don’t co-exist. Most people don’t choose toxicity. They just air.

This description probably used to assess the group with which you travel. Toxic people impede your progress. They drain your energy. They draw down your resources. They are a weight that you often don’t even perceive.

So, the exhortation is this: are their toxic people in your circle? Can you prune them?  Can you put distance between you and them?

Toxic means it can result in your demise. You would be wise to clean up your pool of relationships. You need a positive team not a toxic one.