Uncontainable is a book by Kip Tindell who founded a company called The Container Store. He shared a principle that struck a chord with me.

“Intuition does not come to an unprepared mind. You need to train it before it happens.”

This heightens the importance of each of us continuing to learn new stuff. If you don’t have a program designed to continue to be exposed to new ideas and new approaches, the training stops. If you keep adding to the matter contained in your brain, the more material you have for creative responses to problems and opportunities.

You know by now that I believe reading is one of the key ways to build up your arsenal. These days you can download books instantly. You can listen to books on your phone. These are great tools to increase your learning.

I believe podcasts are a good alternative to reading. Most are free. You can find podcasts on almost anything. I spend my time driving listening to podcasts. I learn. I’m inspired. I get exposed to ideas that help to think about issues in a different way.

Intuition is a creative insight that directs you toward the right path. It usually involves taking an idea from one area and combining it with another. The more experience you develop, the more creative you become.

Train your brain. It will pay dividends.